‘Intentional’ Living Reiterated…by S. Chawanangwa

What comes to mind when you look at the topic of my post?  I would assume it automatically gives you an expectation of a list of things to do to start living intentionally (whatever that means to you).  Well I tried to find a cute way of expressing what being intentional means and guess what … More ‘Intentional’ Living Reiterated…by S. Chawanangwa

life is beautiful

Happy new week! Yesterday, a good friend of mine lost his family friend to suicide. He mentioned the issue in passing but it really stuck with me. I asked myself several questions. Under no circumstance should someone take their own life, I thought to myself. If your life here on earth is so bad that … More life is beautiful

Biblical Respect, A Young Wife’s View…..by Sarah Coomson-Botchey

Being born and brought up in a functional Christian home coupled with the fact that I was 25 years old with two degrees at the time I got married, I thought I was matured enough and ready for marriage and that my marriage would not have many if any major challenges – but boy was … More Biblical Respect, A Young Wife’s View…..by Sarah Coomson-Botchey