‘Intentional’ Living Reiterated…by S. Chawanangwa

What comes to mind when you look at the topic of my post?  I would assume it automatically gives you an expectation of a list of things to do to start living intentionally (whatever that means to you).  Well I tried to find a cute way of expressing what being intentional means and guess what I came up with?

  1. Get inspiration
  2. Plan and work on it each day by setting goals
  3. Form habits that sustain continual growth and development
  4. Repeat

Sounds like a mouthful huh? I don’t even know what’s cute about that and I’m sure your brain is still trying to process point number 3.  How about we replace the tedious step by step action point methods and introducing something a little more relatable? Warning, it still involves using your brain!!!

Let’s think of the recurring discussion about how full or empty we see the fated cup/glass. Should we not rather be asking the core question, “does it quench my thirst”?  What do I get from establishing the half-ness, fullness or emptiness of the glass?  What do I want at the end of the day?   I believe what we should aim to always improve then is our perception of things in our lives. Here are a few thoughts you can ponder on in the meantime about being intentional in some areas of your life that I believe will give you a fresh perspective:

Being Intentional In your walk With God. God should not be part of the plan of the day, week or life. Decide that He will be the main feature, every day, every time; with everything else being squeezed into the God life. Once you decide your actions will follow (the how could be a topic for another day), but I think this thought gives us a unique foundation of how to go about doing life with God versus having him as a Gene type of God.

Being Intentional In your Self Development.

One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.

  • Abraham Maslow

I find Sunrise and sunset to be a daily reminder and energizer towards repeat actions that take us a step closer to our goals. How would I have fallen a thousand times had I not gotten up at each count? I found my basic intent was “Always get up”. Sometimes the getting up is a year-long process but the point is to eventually get up. Getting up is not an end in itself, rather a part of the journey, a way of living. Never pause in growth. Keep growing

Being Intentional in The Choice of A life Partner. I had something to say, but I am yet to find the proper words for it, in the mean time I say, Decide on the kind of life you want and it will not be so hard to recognize your partner in due time. Don’t settle nor compromise, however be willing to put in the work to make your relationship work. I would not want to share anything on marriage as I am yet to cross that bridge, but I do have friends and I will move on to that.

Intentional Friendships Most times when a friend is checking up on you, it is for you, not them. When you’re checking up on a friend, it should be you expressing love and being intentional in preserving your friendship. Good friendships are those we work on and fight for their very existence. Instead of posting on social media that thing you want your friends to know, how about calling them to share?  Put them all on a group chat if you must! To keep genuine relationships, be humble enough to admit you need your friends, you value their opinions and that you do care. I believe your circle of friends is a great determinant of how you experience the journey and arrive at your destination. Friends are key to how you go about life ‘intentionally’. Surround yourself with people that stretch you and cheer you on in life.  Mentors, family and friends who are not afraid to confront you and hold you accountable in pursuing your dreams

When you sit down to ponder over the year 2019 on the 31st of December, would you be happy if all you achieved was just to make it through another year alive? What are you doing today as step toward that dream? Do something today that connects you to your tomorrow. You want to be a writer? Then write each day on purpose or get yourself a friend like Abena. You want to change lives? Start with your neighbour, and by your neighbour I mean those who live with you, who work with you and encounter your presence on a daily basis.Option B is you should befriend my friends, they are amazing!

My final thought is inspired by this scripture,

Teach us to number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should. (TLB) Psalms 20:12.

I think you are unique and so is your journey. Your calling in life will determine how you should spend your days and that means what intentional living is for each one of us is different.  I believe that we can be decisive in the actions we take, which set us on a path that has predetermined options by virtue of the first choice. This means anyone intentional about building their career for example is by default deciding to live a studious life, a journey to filling application forms and willing to endure so “we regret to inform you…” letters along the way.

To tie it all together…take a deep breath and attempt to read the next sentences. To live an intentional life, one has to make decisions. The decisions one makes are dependent on how they see. Sight is influenced by one’s thought process; perspective. I hope you found more than one thought to go about making the most of this second half of the year.

11 thoughts on “‘Intentional’ Living Reiterated…by S. Chawanangwa

      1. Thank you Zaithwa for taking time to read. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed your blog too❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Yamikani, for taking time to read @Yamikani Chirombo. I hope it blessed you. Kindly follow us so you don’t miss anything 😊

    1. Thanks for your massive support Big J. You know you are next in line right? (For a miracle😀)

      Wow….the article says 200hours🤔🤔. Then some of us have very few close friends.

    1. Thanks Chimsykay for taking time to read! People really matter! And we should all strive to let our loved ones know that. God bless you ❤️

  1. Thank you for this Sarah, such a timely message for the second half of the year.Being intentional in all areas of my life is truly vital tor my growth 🌸

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