2019….175days more. By Sarah Chawanangwa Mayuni

I tried to find a cute way of expressing being intentional to motivate you to decide to make a difference in the remaining half year; get inspiration, plan and work on it each day by setting up goals and developing habits that sustain continual growth and development. In a world that trades on attention as the ultimate currency I thought to share thoughts that you will find worthy of your attention.

How about we replace the step by step action point method to living an intentional life, by introducing new thoughts that will enable us embrace the art of being intentional in several areas of our lives. The glass may be half full or half empty or we can ask what I believe is the ultimate question, “does it quench my thirst?” How I see the glass should not be my main focus rather the contents of the glass and if they do satisfy me or not are what will put me in the position of taking responsibility of how the glass actually is and how I interpret it. They say every act of man is birthed from hidden thoughts, here are a few thoughts to nibble on being intentional in several areas.

Being Intentional In My walk With God. “I always have time for God, what I need is to make time for others things”, said the Pastor and that was the day I adopted this philosophy and lived by it. God became the constant agenda and every other activity is scheduled around him and not he trying to fit into my day.

Being Intentional In My Self Development. “That I fell a thousand times, got hurt with each fall ;it’s nothing in comparison with the joy I have in knowing that each fall represents my willingness to give it a shot and the ability to keep getting up despite the fall. How would I have fallen a thousand times had I not gotten up at each count? I found out my basic intent was “Always get up”. Sometimes the getting up is a yearlong process but the point is to eventually get up. Getting up is not an end in itself rather a part of the journey, a way of living.

Being Intentional In the pursuit of Desire. In the book of Joshua 14:6-14 we learn of how Caleb was intentional to choose the land he wanted for an inheritance. Time had not changed his mind nor his attitude towards Gods promise for his life. Could it be that your inward position is reflected in your outside position.

Being Intentional in The Choice of A life Partner. To the lady watching the clock as the referee what if time were your most prized possession that grants you the ability to stop and decide on the exact future you desire. Does singlehood feel like a punishment and the very thought of marriage a reward? To the man in search of the ultimate lady, have you pondered on what it means to have the privilege of leading a family? Are you willing to share without being asked to?

Intentional Friendships When a friend is checking up on you it is more for you than it is for the person who is checking up on you. When you’re checking up on a friend it is you expressing love and being intentional in the preservation of your friendship. Good friendships are those we work on and fight for their very existence. Instead of posting on social media that information you want your friends to know, how about creating face time or phone conversations to share with them that which you would want them to know. To keep genuine relationships one has to be humble enough to admit they need their friends and that they value their opinions and do care.

Intentional Living when you sit down to ponder over the year 2019 on the 31st of December, would you be happy if all you achieved was just make it through another year alive? What are you doing today as seed for the realization of that dream on your vision board? Do something today that connects you to your tomorrow. You want to be a writer? Then write each day intentionally. You want to impact the masses? Start with your neighbour, and by your neighbour I mean those who live with you, who work with you and encounter your presence on a daily basis.

Imagine that you could spend each moment deliberately by choice and not going just through the motions. Refusing to be passive from what you pick on the menu to being as choosy of the shoes on your feet and having your desired colour of socks on. Why must it be an imagination and not your reality?

Surround yourself with people that stretch you and cheer you on in life. Friends not afraid to confront you and hold you accountable in pursuing your dreams. Be intentional about living your life to the fullest the rest of this year. Six months can be a short time or a long time; you determine. But no matter what you do make sure that there is something you’ll look back on and be grateful you did when the year comes to a close.

6 thoughts on “2019….175days more. By Sarah Chawanangwa Mayuni

  1. I would like to intentionally (:D) appreciate this post… I think I was just sort of going with the weeks and months, waiting for the year to end. This makes me sit up and realize that I’m not done with the goals I had at the beginning of the year – I have a lot more intentional work to do. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for making time to read and comment. We pray that by the time the year comes to an end , we can confidently say it was a great year!

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